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Sufing Lessons


Where do we surf on the surfing lesson?

  We run our beginner surfing lessons at the beautiful Ngarunui Beach. This is Raglan’s main beach and is a long sandy stretch of beach with lots of beach breaks ideal for learning on.


Do your surf lessons run everyday?

  YES we run daily surf lessons in the winter and twice daily in the summer except on Xmas and New Years Day and on very rare days where the conditions may be too dangerous to surf.


Where does the lesson start from?

  The lesson starts from the surf school base, the Karioi Lodge’s in Whale Bay. Here we spend around 45 minutes going through the surfing skills you need to know along with ocean safety etc. After this we head to Ngarunui Beach for two hours of surfing fun!


Where is the Surf School Base in Whale Bay?

  The surf school base is at the Karioi Lodge. The address is 5b Whaanga Road, Whale Bay and these are the directions from Raglan Township.
In Raglan township from the main street (opposite the big white pub & the 4 Square supermarket), turn left onto Wainui Rd. Drive 8km to Whale Bay. You come to a roundabout, turn left on to Whaanga Rd. The entrance to the Karioi Lodge is the second drive on the left, number 5b (there is a black round sign). The Lodge is at the top of this drive, about 200m up through the bush, please park your car in the car park and walk the remaining 200m to the office to check in. If you are getting dropped off feel free to drive all the way to the office.


If we don’t have a car will you pick us up & drop us back after the lesson?

  Yes. We offer FREE pickups and drop offs in Raglan township.


When is check-in for the surfing lesson?

  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the lesson start time so you can pay and sign in before the lesson is due to start.


What is your instructor: student ratio?

  Regulation stipulates New Zealand surf Schools must have a 1:6 ratio – meaning one instructor for every 6 people. The Raglan Surf School applies its own policy of 1:5 (one instructor to every 5 people) with the aim of providing a safer more personalized surfing experience.


Do I need to book in advance for a surfing lesson?

  For the group lessons you can usually book the day before you want to surf and often if you ring first thing on the day of the lesson, we can still offer you a spot. If you need transport from Raglan town please try to give us as much notice as possible.


Do I need to pay a deposit for surfing lessons?

  If you are joining one of our daily beginner lessons, private surf lessons or lesson & hire packages then you don’t need to pay a deposit and can pay the full amount on arrival. We really appreciate a quick call or email from anyone who needs to cancel a booked a surf lesson.
If you’re wanting to book a surf & stay package which includes accommodation then you need to pay a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. The deposit is refundable bar 10%, up to 48 hours prior to your booking after which it becomes non-refundable.


Can I transfer my deposit to another date?

  If you make the change within 48 hours of the booking date then you can transfer your deposit to the new booking no problem.


What payment facilties do you have?

  We have eftpos and credit card facilities accepting Visa and Mastercard. You may also pay online – please enquire for details.


How many people go on each surfing lesson?

  25 people are the maximum amount of people we have on one lesson. For every 5 people there is one instructor


What do we need to bring for the lesson?

  Please bring a towel, swimsuit/shorts for under your wetsuit, a warm change of clothes for after the lesson, drink & sunhat. We provide the sunscreen!


What times do the group lessons operate each day?

  In the summer (typically Nov-March) we run two beginner surfing lessons daily at 9.30am and 3pm


Do you still go surfing in bad weather?

  As long as the conditions are not dangerous (which is rarely) we will get amongst the waves rain, hail or shine.


Are there age restrictions on surfing lessons?

  Ages 11 and up are able to participate as long as they are able to swim. We sometimes take 9 & 10 year olds depending on the child’s abilities e.g. if they are good swimmers and confident in the water.
If you’re not a strong swimmer don’t worry as the surf lesson generally will take place in the shallow water where you can touch the bottom.


Do you need to know how to swim?

  Yes for safety reasons you should be able to swim before you can learn to surf.


Should I take a group lesson or a private lesson?

  Our group lessons are best suited to beginner and novice surfers while our private lessons are aimed toward intermediate and advanced surfers wanting to improve their surfing. Private lessons can also be good for 1 or 2 people specifically wanting the 1 on 1 coaching from the instructor.


When & where do we have the sauna?

  If you on an afternoon surfing lesson and finish around 5-6pm you can have a free sauna at the surf school base the ‘Karioi Lodge’.


How warm is the water in Raglan?

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Surfing Hires


Do you offer hires everyday?

  Yes we offer surfboard and other surf equipment for rental every day (except Xmas and New Years day).


What range of surf boards do you have for rent?

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What equipment other than surfboards and wetsuits do you have for hire?

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Can I pick up a surfboard or wetsuit direct from the beach?

  In the summer season (nov-march) you can hire our surf equipment direct from the beach. You’ll find the Raglan Surf School trailor next to the life-guard tower. In the winter you can get a surfboard and wetsuit from the surf school base in Whale Bay.


If I want to surf early in the morning how can I arrange to get a surfboard and wetsuit for rental?

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What happens if I damage a board or wetsuit during my surf?

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Surfing Packages


How do the Surfing Packages work?

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Should I take a surfing package with unsupervised or supervised hire on the days following the lesson?

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Do I need to book in advance and pay a deposit for the surfing packages?

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