The Storm!

We all knew the storm would blow through Raglan by the end of the week. What we did not prepared for, was no surf! At the lodge, we listened to the wind blow by our cabins, rain smack our roof and leaves whip back and forth like Willow Smith and her hair. The storm was energetic like we are at night… but we all fell under the weather of cabin fever by noon.

Andrew, one of the lead surf instructors decided we all should pile into the vans and attempt to drive into the city. Our first stop was Manu Bay to see the surging waves. Breaking meters beyond meters out to sea, the whole bay looked like a frothy chaotic mixture of logs and foam. The waves eventually beached a large log, practically a whole tree, onto the shore.

We took off into town. The tide had fallen, so the roads were open at this point. We ended our journey at Raglan Roast… There was nothing better to do so might as well drink five cups of delicious coffee! But right when I walked up to order, the power shut off throughout the whole town. However, the baristos were able to pull together a chai latte on the house for me. We took off with our coffee and teas to the beach for another round of wave watching.

The ocean had calmed down by that point. Not quite surf-able but getting closer and closer. Despite the bad surf in the forecast, storms to blow you nearly sideways and power crashes, I realized something special about the lodge. There will always be someone there to connect with, hangout or share a coffee when things are not going swell (pun intended). The lodge will always have a special place in all of our hearts, and most importantly the people who come here.